I'm Kurt and I release code. Feel free to find out more about the code I write on one of the following sources. Most of my code is released under the MIT License. Please contact me if you want to know anything!

GitHub Repos

My open source projects are stored online on and ready for you! Download them, use them, enhance them and share your thoughts with me! I might even pull your branch over to the master!

Twitter Feed

Get the latest updates on my projects and ideas right when they go through my mind! Say I have a new thought on some code - it'll be posted here first. Also you can interact with me, @nitric_ware!

NitricWare's Dev-Blog

This is the place where I share my personal coding-heureka-moments. Beware: for some they might be very clear, but for me they were some kind of mind blowing at the time of writing!

But wait! There is more! I release photos and videos I made on several portals as VCR Theater. Check them out on the pages listed below. Of course you can follow VCR Theater on Twitter and Facebook.


My very best shots can be viewed over at - Photos are taken whenever I travel or go on a photo safari. If you want to see more, have a look on the next site.


For more photos I made, head over to where I post the photos which didn't make it to 500px. In addition there are some collections on flickr that might be interesting, like the wallpaper collection.


Every now and then I release videos. Topics may vary depending on whats currently interesting me. You might find videos about cooking or cities.