Currently I’m working on my masters degree in Digital Healthcare at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences. Maybe you’d like to check out my repositories on GitHub, read my dev-blog or have a look at my portfolio.

Currently Working On

I’m currently working on an application for Microsoft’s HoloLens. Check out my dev-blog to find out more about the project. Once it’s ready I’ll release it on GitHub.

Actively Maintaining

Some projects are never done. Here’s what I’ve been working on before. I finished coding on those projects but I’m still maintaining them.

End Of Life

From time to time you have to let go from a project. Either the programming language has changed dramatically since you started it, it has just become irrelevant to you or it just works. But that does not mean it doesn’t work anymore. See what I abandoned for various reasons.

There’s More!

There’s still some projects over at GitHub that were not mentioned here. Also, I’m a hobby photographer. You can see my work on Flickr or 500px. There’s also a Twitter Account where I post on programming topics.