NWDatabase is a database system that’s based on XML. The system is written in PHP but due to it’s XML background, handlers can be written in any language.


You can fork it on GitHub


Sometimes when writing software, you run into a problem. Usually, there are multiple ways to solve it. My problem was, that I could not use SQLite in my PHP application, since my hosting provider did not allow me to install it and wouldn’t install it themselves.

Solution 1 would be to switch to another hosting provider which supports SQLite and run the program there. Solution 2 would be to search for another database system which does not require any installation at all. And solution 3 was what I chose to do: Write my own database solution.

While this has some very clear disadvantages like costing time, it has two main advantages. Firstly, you can control how the system behaves since you write it from scratch. Secondly, you gain a lot of experience by writing something you have never written before.

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